Aiko Hibino
Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences, Hirosaki University

Aiko Hibino studies user-technology relations in emerging science and technology. She pursues two lines of research. The first is the design process for technologies/research technologies in scientific communities. Her research focuses on the dynamic association between technologies and users as a community. The second line of research focuses on the social representation of emerging technologies. She is interested in particular synthetic biology, cultured meat and pandemic simulation. Dr. Hibino is a professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Japan’s Hirosaki University, where she teaches social psychology and social survey methods.

Research Areas: Group Dynamics, Social Psychology, Sociology of Science
Keywords: simulation and forecasting, synthetic biology, laboratory study, local innovation, social representation

Main Publications

  • Ryosuke L. Ohniwa, Kunio Takeyasu, Aiko Hibino, 2022, Researcher dynamics in the generation of emerging topics in life sciences and medicine, Scientometrics, 127(2), 871-884.
  • Aiko Hibino, Go Yoshizawa, Jusaku Minari, 2019, Meaning of Ambiguity: A Japanese Survey on Synthetic Biology and Genome Editing, Frontiers in Sociology, 4(81) 
  • Ryosuke L. Ohniwa, Aiko Hibino, 2019, Generating process of emerging topics in the life sciences, Scientometrics, 121(3), 1549-1561.
  • Aiko Hibino, Toshiro Kobori, and Kunio Takeyasu, 2014, Short Story of AFM in Biology. In Atomic Force Microscopy in Nanobiology. Takeyasu, Kunino (eds.), 1-12. Pan Stanford Publishing.