Aiko Hibino
Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences, Hirosaki University

Research Areas: Sociology of Science, Group Dynamics, Social Psychology
Research Interests: Dynamic Transformation of Tools and Communities
keywords; simulation and forecasting, synthetic biology, laboratory study, local innovation, social representation

Recent Publications:
・Hibino, Aiko, Toshiro Kobori, and Kunio Takeyasu, 2014, Short Story of AFM in Biology. In Atomic Force Microscopy in Nanobiology. Takeyasu, Kunino (eds.), 1-12. Pan Stanford Publishing.
・Hibino, Aiko, 2013, Problems of Numerical Evaluation of Science by an Analogy to Psychology. Journal of Science and Technology Studies 10: 41-51. (In Japanese)
・Hibino, Aiko, 2010, Interpreting ‘Don’t Know’ Answers in the Public Attitude to Science and Technology: Questionnaire Survey on Public Perception of Biotechnology in Japan. Japanese Sociological Review 60(4): 554-569. (In Japanese)
・Ohniwa, Ryosuke L., Hibino, Aiko & Takeyasu, Kunio, 2010 Trends in research foci in life science fields over the last 30 years monitored by emerging topics, Scientometrics, Vol.85, No.1, pp111-127, 2010.