Aiko Hibino
Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences, Hirosaki University

Aiko Hibino studies user-technology relations in emerging science and technology. She pursues two lines of research. The first is the design process for technologies/research technologies in scientific communities, in particular nano-biotechnology, social simulation and regional agriculture. Her research focuses on the dynamic association between technologies and users as a community. The second line of research focuses on the social representation of emerging technologies. She is interested in public perceptions of ‘artificial life’ and its cultural characteristics. Dr. Hibino is an associate professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Japan’s Hirosaki University, where she teaches social psychology and social survey methods.

Research Areas: Sociology of Science, Group Dynamics, Social Psychology
keywords: simulation and forecasting, synthetic biology, laboratory study, local innovation, social representation

Main Publications
・Hibino, Aiko, Toshiro Kobori, and Kunio Takeyasu, 2014, Short Story of AFM in Biology. In Atomic Force Microscopy in Nanobiology. Takeyasu, Kunino (eds.), 1-12. Pan Stanford Publishing.
・Hibino, Aiko, 2013, Problems of Numerical Evaluation of Science by an Analogy to Psychology. Journal of Science and Technology Studies 10: 41-51. (In Japanese)
・Hibino, Aiko, 2010, Interpreting ‘Don’t Know’ Answers in the Public Attitude to Science and Technology: Questionnaire Survey on Public Perception of Biotechnology in Japan. Japanese Sociological Review 60(4): 554-569. (In Japanese)
・Ohniwa, Ryosuke L., Hibino, Aiko & Takeyasu, Kunio, 2010, Trends in research foci in life science fields over the last 30 years monitored by emerging topics, Scientometrics, 85(1), 111-127.